I absolutely love this mirror. I had been looking at it for awhile, but was more than I usually spend. When it went on sale and I combined with a coupon, it was too good to pass up.

The mirror is stunning and makes a WOW statement in my entry way for anyone who comes into my home. As mentioned by everyone else, this mirror is hard to hang so go into it with the proper hardware and an extra dose of patience. We used the gorilla hooks based on several others recommendations, but I thought they made it more difficult. The gorilla hooks must be hung slightly above where you want the mirror which is increasingly difficult as each piece is hung separately and must line up precisely. If we had to do it again, which my husband vows the mirror will remain there for the rest of our lives :), I would use anchors I saw that don’t require going into a stud.

Overall, I am so pleased with the mirror’s design and quality, but plan to have selective amnesia over the hanging process.

3 Piece Grand Palais Mirror