Decorating Dilemma

We have 20 ft ceilings in our main living room that is open to the whole first floor and to the second floor catwalk. Our fireplace is standard, so we have three giant walls and anything we hang on them seems dwarfed by the wall space around it.


Wow your room is great! We think we can hellp you with  your high ceilings and expansive wall space.  Just remember that anyting you put into this room must be in scale with the room.  Try painting the fireplace wall a “feature color”.  It could be chocolate (the same as your sofa) if you wish.  Add drapery panels – one on each side of the outside of the windows.  Have them hang from the top of the second story windows to the floor for mazimum impact. We think you can move the flatscreen from above the fireplace to the new Tuscan bookcases.  So now above the fireplace, we chose a large print (which you can lean up against the wall).  It is called Storm Over the Marsh which is 65″ high x 50″ wide – so it is a substantial piece of art for the room.

On the perpendicular wall on the right, we think you could use our 3 piece Tuscan Bookcases to add some height and bulk to the room.  We think these changes will make a dramatic difference in the  room’s feeling.  Let us know what you think!

Happy Decorating,


Style Studio Team