Dear Style Studio,

I’m looking for ideas for what to do to provide bedside storage and table surface for our captain-style bed.

There are drawers the full length of the bedsides so tables cannot be placed on either side of the head of the bed. I could hang a shelf on the wall for a table surface, but we also need bedside storage. I’m already assuming I’ll need to replace our bedside lamps with wall-hung lamps.

Oh, and to make this situation even more problematic, there is no space available to use a storage headboard. I solved one storage problem by getting the captains bed, but created a new problem regarding bedside storage. Help!


cafe shelvingDear Paula,

Thank you for your recent dilemma. Storage can be a difficult issue in a master bedroom.

Have you looked at our Café Shelving (pictured right) for floating night stands? They come in a lot of different sizes and would not interfere with the drawers under the bed.

You can purchase lighting that mounts on the wall – to keep the tabletop free and clear.

We also recommend that you use a storage ottoman for a bench at the bottom of the bed.

We do hope that these suggestions help you sort out your dilemma.

— The Style Studio Team

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