Dear Style Studio team,

Just assembled my Abbyville stacking cabinets (which I LOVE), but stumped on how to decorate above it. Considered a collage of frames to draw the eyes away from the ugly thermostat, but would like to keep it clean and simple. My next purchase will be the Durham nesting tables, which will go right next to the brown couch arm barely show in one of the pictures.

Thank you!!


Dear Melissa,

We face this dilemma all the time when we’re working on the catalog. A few easy suggestions:

  • hang a clock at the left end above the cabinet with doors
  • hang one long horizontal piece that will run from the left edge of the taller cabinet over to the thermostat
  • add a lamp to the right of the horizontal piece that will camouflage the thermostat
  • hang a series of three small items up the wall to the right – family photos, childrens’ artwork, etc.


Here’s how it should be arranged —

Shot of room

We’ve also added a few photos here for you to be inspired by.

Happy decorating,

The Style Studio team