Living room decor

We can’t exactly kiss winter goodbye quite yet, but these five easy ideas will have you faking it until spring blooms.

Make a graphic statement

From global prints to geometric designs, these playful patterns break up the monotony while bringing a layered look to your decor. Our Firenze Panels make window dressing fun without overwhelming the space.

Adding grandeur with gold.

Add grandeur with gold

Brushed, antiqued and even polished, gold finishes are back and more glamorous than ever. A pair of gold-finished candlesticks, picture frames or a mirror, like our Antique Sunburst Mirror, add much-welcome warmth—even when it’s cold outside.

Home office photo

Walk on the wild side

A hot trend? Maybe. But animal prints are classically timeless and always spot on (sorry, couldn’t resist). Our Magnetic Boards in Cheetah are a fun and functional focal point in a home office or kitchen.

Go chic with chevron.

Go chic with chevron

We just can’t get enough of those fun and fabulous zigzagging stripes. And since many chevron patterns pair white with another neutral, like black or gray, you can add a little oomph without color clashing. Adding chevron to your life can be as easy as switching out a lampshade, such as our Hudson Shade.

Punch it up with color.

Punch it up with color

Add a bright pop of color to your sofa for an instant pick-me-up. Bold, saturated colors like magenta, lemon or teal, are like a ray of sunshine even on the grayest days. The range of pretty colors in our Queens Velvet collection let you colorblock to your heart’s content.