Perfect for my small apartment: Abbott Drop Front Desk

When I initially ordered this desk, the fine print in my email confirmation indicated it wouldn’t be shipped for 3 months! I called Ballard customer service and they confirmed that it was backordered. I was a bit frustrated because no where on the webpage had it indicated this until after I had gone through with the order. Since the desk looked like exactly what I wanted, I decided to wait a couple weeks. Good decision, because I then received an email saying it had shipped! The desk was packaged very well, the directions were clear, and it was easy to assemble.
As another reviewer mentioned, the pre-drilled holes on the top drawer section were not in the right spots. I was able to just manually twist in the screws in the right spots though. It has been 3 months now, and the only lasting inconvenience is that the drawers do not have stops to hold them in. I have to be very careful when opening them, because they completely come out of the frame. The blue color as well as the stain are great. I’d recommend the desk, even though Ballard has bizarre inventory records and delivery estimates.


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