Marrakech Side Table: Great value for this beloved classic!

Many years ago these romantic tables had me at hello. It’s hard to find good quality ones these days under $2000, as so much labor is involved in their creation. I found an antique one (with missing inlay pieces) 15 years ago which is one of my favorite belongings, and have always wanted another for my living room. I just received this table and it is beyond gorgeous! The wood looks very close to my antique table… a dense grained, thick, teak like wood that is beautifully cut and finished with a satin wax for’s a warm brown color just like the photos shown by Ballard. All you need is a lightweight hammer to tap in the 2 wood peg levers that attach the top to the base, and 16 small adhesive furniture/floor protectors (felt or rubber) to put on the bottom of each leg. The table is beautifully crafted. The inlaid bone work is beautiful and smooth and compares well to my antique table. The height is higher and better for use than my antique. I’m not a coaster user… judge for yourself if my antique table looks the worse for multiple hot/cold drinks on it. I love that it came without all those horrible styrofoam peanuts! The packing was ingeniously shaped cardboard with some foam padding so there was no mess.

Thank you Ballard, for my new find!

Don’t hesitate on this great buy!


New Ballard table on left…my antique on right


New Ballard table on left…my antique on right (with missing inlay pieces).


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