Toulon Christmas Tree Stand: Possibilities are Endless!

The stand is a bit taller than I expected and just wanted to point out a few things in case anyone else runs into this issue. Since the stand is tall and quite deep, my tree took some slight modifications for it to fit. The base of my tree does not have a very long pole below the bottom branches and due to the depth of this stand, the pole does not reach the bottom. This made the set up wobbly. I took the tree apart and started from scratch. I made some small modifications to the pole on my tree and it made the whole set up a lot sturdier.

As far as the color goes. It is cream but of course cream does have yellow in it. I noticed at certain times of the day the stand does take on a more yellowish appearance. I have considered painting it. I think a silver would be quite lovely but I will hold off on that until I know what type of paint would be best. Maybe a project for after the holidays. I have found some very pretty cream colored ribbon that I will add to the tree so the stand and the tree have some sort of color relationship.

I am pretty pleased with the looks although it probably looks better with a green tree. I never cared for tree skirts and pleased with this option.



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