For some reason I thought the lights would be more integrated into this tree, but instead they are simply wound around the branches as I’d done for years with larger artificial trees. I was sick of doing the light-winding (or annual re-winding) myself, and then adjusting the branches – ugh, hours later my arms would be all scratched up. We were ready for a smaller tree and this little gem is perfect for our new cottage-sized home in the country.

I love the heavy burlap-covered base and don’t want to hide it in a container or even with a tree skirt – looks great just natural. The tree is plastic, which I like better than the ones that are like bottle brushes (due to the scratched arms problem) but looks realistic for sure. I’m giving it 4 stars because the pre-wound lights could have been done better – in some cases the branches are crunched and can’t really be straightened very well due to the tension in the light cord. The tree comes in 2 parts – just pull it out of the box, insert the top into the bottom and you are done. Nice and easy.

Overall, we are happy with this tree and it looks adorable in our living room.