Lovely Brick Color—Seagrove All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor Rug

I purchased this to fit under a large log-holder near my fireplace. I needed something to protect the carpet underneath from the heavy logs, and I wanted it to look nice. This rug fulfills both functions. The curling of the ends wasn’t a problem… I just curled them backwards, and the ends flattened. As another reviewer mentioned, the red is a great brick color (not purple or burgundy). The background is much less yellow than depicted in the website photo… it’s more of a natural or pale sand color. Very pretty. The pattern holds it own and looks nice without overpowering my other decor. It’s interesting to look at; it doesn’t fade into the background, but it’s not over-done, either. If you happen to notice it under the logs, it has a little surprise element, and your impression is, “Oh, nice.” My only argument with the rug is that it’s rather scratchy. If you’re putting it in an area where children will be playing on the floor… I would get something softer.


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