I got the 4-foot version. It’s looks just like it does in the catalogue and online, although in artificial lighting, it looks less grey – more like a sepia tone – which is good, because that’s warmer. No flaws in the product; it’s a canvas transfer, which is what I expected. There are two hooks on the back of each panel, and they were all spaced consistently (horizontally & vertically) to within 1/8 inch. That’s really important for mounting these panels in a straight line. It came well packaged, although for some reason Ballard chose to glue the corner protectors to the paper on the back, so remove those with care so that you don’t rip up the paper on the back. I waited for a site-wide sale before I purchased these because their normal price was steep… on the other hand, I haven’t found anything quite like them. Recommended if you’ve got some wall space to occupy.