by Jill Sharp Brinson
Creative Director & Stylist
Ballard Designs


As the Creative Director for Ballard Designs, I am always looking for inspirations when it comes to wrapping gifts. Looking all year long for personal and cool ideas to make gift giving special is a trick I learned years as ago as a stylist. I save and collect odd boxes, inexpensive scarves, pieces of fabric, yarn and strings to adorn my special gifts. Each year, by late fall, I come up with a color scheme that feels really relevant to me and carry it out as my color story for the gift-giving season.

This year, I’m feeling bright pink and orange in a BIG way. I’ve saved ribbons, cards, fabric bits and bobs to make all of my gifts feel uniformly crazy and fun!

Sometimes, I just wrap a beautiful container as the gift – I think what we all crave this time of year is not more stuff, but an acknowledgement that you think someone is special. It’s in that spirit that I choose to give a gift.

Have other creative gift wrapping ideas? Share them in the comments below.