Defining your room’s style is all about layering in a perfect balance of texture, color and pattern. To get you inspired, we’ve paired six of our rugs with great fabric combinations. Imagine applying these fabrics to bed pillows, throw pillows, curtains or bedding. Or pull from the color scheme for wall paint, vases and furniture. Your options are endless.


A traditional rug doesn’t have to define your space. Add in updated prints and colors pulled from the rug for a wonderful eclectic look.

1.) Carlson Rug
2.) Claire Gray
3.) Felicity Spa
4.) Lorenzo Charcoal
5.) Bark Twill
6.) Danish Linen Oatmeal
7.) Natural Microfiber, Bark Twill, Indochine Stone

Traditional Layering


Family Leisure

Pair a single oversized pattern with smaller scaled prints for balance. We love the overall warmth of this palette.

1.) Turin Rug (Tan)
2.) Small Black Check
3.) Samara Spice
4.) Small Toffee Check
5.) Cheetah
6.) Caramel Twill

Family Leisure Layering



Punch up a neutral rug (or furniture and walls) by mixing in color and a playful print, like our classic Cheetah. We pulled hues from our floral and striped patterns to round out the palette.

1.) Natural Braided Jute
2.) Crimson Twill
3.) Moroccan Stripe
4.) Cheetah
5.) Cotswald Berry
6.) Cheetah

Natural Layering



Pick up secondary tones in a patterned rug, as we did here with Toffee Check and Latte Velvet, to use in accents around the room. Layer in more patterns to make things interesting.

1.) Tahira Rug (Ivory)
2.) Toffee Check
3.) Latte Velvet
4.) Ashford Paisley
5.) Cheetah

Transitional Layering


Keep a monochromatic color scheme interesting with great patterns that play well together and fabrics with tonal texture, like our Scandicci Gray.

1.) Indochine Ikat Stone
2.) Toscana Ikat Slate
3.) Lorenzo Charcoal
4.) Asha Pewter
5.) Danish Linen Tea
6.) Scandicci Gray
7.) Panthea Rug (Gray)

Contemporary Layering


The oversized pattern of our Alhambra Rug commands attention. Keep smaller scaled prints in the same color palette and choose supporting solids to bring things down to earth.

1.) Alhambra Rug
2.) Malabar Gray
3.) Claire Gray
4.) Ophelia Gray
5.) Paisley Matelasse

Industrial Layering