Artwork is a great way to add personality to a room, but deciding how and where to hang it can be stressful. Take a look at some of our tips. With a little know-how, you can create a gallery in your own home in no time.

A grouping of smaller artwork is a great choice for narrow walls. Additionally, this set of nine prints hung in a tall vertical arrangement furthers the sense of height in the room.

These two stacked architectural pieces add dimension and visual weight to the room. Another thing to consider is scale. When you’re hanging artwork above a sofa, sideboard or headboard, as is the case here, ensure it’s at least two-thirds the size of the furniture.

Create your own gallery wall. Start with a single piece – or a matching pair of dominant prints as we did here – and radiate outward with art work of varying shapes and sizes. Incorporating just one piece that’s hung at a diagonal gives the collection visual interest.

Our grouping practically frames the TV, inviting it to become a part of the gallery. The symmetry of the wall art is calming while the strong horizontal line elongates, or widens, the narrow wall.

Two substantial mirrors hung one above the other is a great way to fill vertical space while filling the room with light.

When hanging different types of artwork together, try to find a common theme, such as similar frames, colors or subject matter. Here, a nautical theme works really well, especially set against a blue wall.

Four framed pieces hung in a grid will read as one larger piece, so this arrangement works well over a fireplace. The three plaques on the right throw off the symmetry ever so slightly in a pleasingly unexpected way.