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Podcast, Episode 22: designer Cindy Meador

By | Jun 20, 2017|Decorating, Podcast|0 Comments

Interior designer Cindy Meador joins the Ballard designs podcast to talk decorating in the Southeast, vacation homes, and much more

This week, we’re bringing you another interview from our time at High Point Market. Living on the Gulf Coast, interior designer Cindy Meador specializes in decorating and furnishing second homes. From 10,000 square foot houses to high rise beach condos, Cindy and her team have done it all, and they’re sharing a lot of behind the scenes tidbits with us.


Navy: The New Neutral

By | Jun 15, 2017|Decorating, Featured, Tips & Solutions|0 Comments


Neutrals are a great tool in your decorating arsenal. Even if you love color, you still need neutral pieces in your room to let those colorful pieces and patterns really shine. Of course khaki, white, gray, and black are some of our favorites, but like your go-to pair of jeans, navy is versatile classic that can mix with almost anything. Like a chameleon, navy can add a classic feel to a space, it grounds vibrant colors, complements so many different hues, and can also blend with your other favorite neutrals.